What is Music Bingo?

Music Bingo is a fun new game that replaces the tradional numbers on a bingo ticket with popular songs.

Music Bingo replaces the traditional numbers on a bingo ticket with popular songs we all know and love.

How to play Music Bingo?

Music bingo is easy to play. Each player will be given a music bingo ticket with 16 random songs on it. The host will then play snippets of songs and if the player recognises the song and it's on the player's card, they mark it off. The game can be played in many ways just like regular bingo with players being able to win by marking off the 4 corners, a straight line or a full house.

How do I get music bingo cards?

Boogie bingo makes getting music bingo cards easy. You can create a list of songs that you want to be in a game and send them to us and we will create your game. For more information about this, click here. Alternatively, you can purchase ready made games, with tons of popular songs. Each game comes with a song list showing all the songs included in the game for the host to use and also a Spotify playlist that can be used to play the snippets of songs for the players to guess.
Additionally, all of our games are digital downloads with instant delivery meaning you can print & play straight away.

What events can Music Bingo be used in?

Music Bingo is a game that can be used in many different events but works especially well with pub quizzes, private events and fundraisers as you can sell each ticket for £1 each, especially with our brilliantly low prices. For example, if you purchase a 200 card game for £20 and sell all the cards for £1 each then you are able to raise a massive £180!

Want to give it a try? Download our FREE SAMPLE HERE. Alternatively, check out our growing range of ready made music bingo cards here

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